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Transmitter, Level (Function)

An IMF type with identifier http://rds.posccaesar.org/imf/type/PCA_999000130 .


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Transmitter, Level (Product)


Key info.

System No.
Safety Critical Item

Process Conditions

Design temperature ( degree Celsius )
Design pressure ( bar absolute )
Minimum required range ( millimetre )
Pressure ( bar absolute )
Density at T and P ( kilogram per cubic metre )
Density at T and P, lower fluid ( kilogram per cubic metre )
Foam density if present ( kilogram per cubic metre )
Fluid density ( kilogram per cubic metre )
Density at T and P, upper fluid ( kilogram per cubic metre )
Normal Operating Level ( millimetre )
Viscosity at T and P ( centipoise )
Max. Operating temperature ( degree Celsius )
Fluid upper
Fluid lower

Technical Data

Sensor Limits ( millimetre )
Operative Range Limits ( millimetre )
Over range Limits ( millimetre )
Selected Range ( millimetre )
Calibration Certificate
Callibration Expiry Date
Calibration Frequency ( day )
Linearity ± ( percent )
Measure Range ( millimetre )
Accuracy ± ( percent )
Repeatability ± ( percent )
Min Span ( millimetre )
Max Span ( millimetre )
Calibrated Range Unit group
Measure Range Unit group
Insulation Thickness ( millimetre )
Heat trace temperature ( degree Celsius )
Stability/Drift, Temperature ( degree Celsius )
Maximum Overpressure ( bar gauge )

Area Classification

Required Cert. Code
Actual Cert. Code
Gas Group
Temp. Class
Certifying authority
Certifying Authority Cert. No
Certifying Authority License No
C.A. Licence Expiry Date
Atex Coding
Cert'n Std.
Climatic category
Local ambient temp. ( degree Celsius )
Design Ambient Temp. ( degree Celsius )
Atm. pressure (surrounding) ( millibar )
Relative humidity ( percent )
Dirt accumulation grade
ATEX/Product Cert. No.
IEC 60079-25 – 500V Isolation Test Withstand
Declaration of Conformity
Simple Apparatus
Ignition Source
Equipment Category
Shutdown Level (missing unit)
Electrically Powered
Potential Ignition Source
Special condition for safe use
IS Flag
Location Info

Signal Settings

Measure range ( millimetre )
Display range


Terminal Transmitter Level General 01

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End Connection