PCA Reference Data and Services - Staging
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ISO 15926-14 PCA RDL

Presented by Johan W. Klüwer, DNV – johan.wilhelm.kluewer@dnv.com

1 The new POSC Caesar Reference Data Library

Here: rds.posccaesar.org

The new PCA RDL is built as a set of ontologies, applying the W3C standard OWL 2.

  • Home of the online version of ISO 15926-14
  • A mid-level ontology – “textbook”-level vocabulary
  • A hierarchy of modules that extend the vocabulary

2 A new website

The site is built with the Hugo static site generator. Visual design to be improved.


4 Documentation

This new website allows us to make documentation available alongside the library content.

  • Tutorials
  • Diagrams
  • Excerpts in various forms, like tables and graphical diagrams
    • example: cross-references for physical quantities

5 Querying the RDL with SPARQL

6 Accessing the OWL ontologies themselves

  • we will document how to use the RDL terminology to model industrial assets using tested modelling patterns
  • providing worked, extensive examples as downloadable ontologies

These examples can be used in widely available software applications, such as Protégé (free software, Stanford) and Gruff (Franz, Inc).

7 How the library is built and maintained