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Product Documentation


Documentation and procurement data is categorized as information objects in the ISO 15926-14 ontology. The Product Documentation modelling pattern exemplifies the relations between physical objects and information objects.

Model content

The blue My Ball Valve is a product instance of type Ball Valve type DRT155X (An example of a manufacturer’s product type). The product type metadata type relationship to documentation, in the example a GA drawing. My Ball Valve is of type Ball Valve type DRT155X but will also have reference documents like calibration reports and in this example a EN 10204 Type 3.1 certificate.

My Ball Valve was procured on a purchase order. Relationships between the physical object and the purchase information is metadata managed with annotation properties, as for the relationship between physical objects and documents. Documents have a PCA RDL type, and documents may also be related to information objects, like a Purchase order.

Ball Valve type DRT155X is also described in modelling pattern Features.

Ball Valve type DRT155X My Ball Valve GA DRT155X General arrangement drawing My Certificate Certificate EN 10204 Type 3.1 Purchase order Purchase order PO Item no. 1 SDRL- Supplier Document Requirement List Order item SDRL Information object type documentedIn type hasCertificate type type POitem isDefinedBy type hasSpecification type