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Junction Box Product Type


Relationships between plant objects and individual parts of plant objects is exemplified in the Junction Box Product Type modelling pattern. This modelling pattern also includes an example of typical use of the ISO 15926-14 installedAs relation between a physical manufactured product individual at a plant location.

Model content

Junction boxes are standard product that often is sourced as tagged bulk items. Tagged bulk have a product specification for procurement, and an individual identification of its location on the plant.

Required number connectors, type of cable and area conditions and restrictions are key parameters for establishment of a junction box specification. By referencing PCA RDL resources the junction box specification can be machine interpretable. The yellow class Specified Junction Box is a specification for such product type properties. The blue B-79JBZ0109 is a what we would refer to as “functional location” or TAG. B-79JBZ0109 can be one of many junction boxes for which the Specified Junction Box specification applies.

ACME 8150 Junction Box is an example of a manufacturer’s type of junction box. By referencing PCA RDL resources the junction box product properties can be machine interpretable. The blue My ACME 8150 is one of the junction boxes of that product type. With an asset model approach this product will become an individual installed at B-79JBZ0109. That an individual is identified in the asset does however not imply a requirement for follow up of such products as individuals.

The yellow S4/S8 GY 2x2x0,75 is an example of a NEK 606 specified cable type. The three blue boxes with the type relation are cables terminating in the junction box B-79JBZ0109. The connectedTo object property type is used to specify the relationship between the cable and the junction box. The connectedTo object property type is also used for conductors within the cable that are connected to specific terminals on a terminal block within the junction box.

The yellow CDD feed-through terminal block is added to demonstrate how PLM RDL references to Common Data Dictionary can be utilised to support interpretation of CDD specified product data.

Artefact PhysicalObject Junction Box Cable Cable Gland Terminal Block Ex Rated Artefact Temperature Class Rated Artefact Ingress Protection Rated Artefact Compound Gas Penetration Metal Specified Junction Box ACME 8150 Junction Box B-79JBZ0109 My ACME 8150 Terminal Feed-through terminal S4/S8 GY 16x2x0,75 S4/S8 GY 2x2x0,75 B-79JBZ0109-Z01 B-18ESV0008-Z01 B-18ESV0108-Z01 B-18ESV0023-Z01 NEK 606 Cable Ex ia IP 67 IEC 60079-0:2017 T6 terminal 1 CDD feed-through terminal block 0112/2///62683#ACC701#001 Conductor Conductor 0,75mm terminal 2 terminal 3 terminal 4 conductor 1 conductor 2 conductor 3 conductor 4 hasPart some type type installed as type connectedTo type connectedTo type connectedTo type specifiedIn specifiedIn hasPart relatedMatch hasPart hasPart hasPart hasPart connectedTo hasPart connectedTo hasPart connectedTo hasPart connectedTo