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Enabling unambiguous product specification is a key object for ISO 15926-14 ontology. Specifying product features, in addition to product types in necessary to manage the complexity. The Features modelling pattern exemplifies how relations between physical object and product featured can be managed. Relationships between versions of industry standards and feature or artefact classes is also exemplified.

Model content

The yellow ASME B16.5 RTJ Flange Face NPS 4 CL1500 is an end feature applicable for a variety of product types within multiple domains. The dimensional specification is found in ASME B16.5 Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings, and the feature has remained unchanged through many issues of the standard. References to the versions of a standard applicable for a reference data artefact class or feature class is done to assure compliance with correct versions of standards. Many specification and industry standards make references to the ASME B16.5 standard, hence, in a digital specification ASME B16.5 RTJ Flange Face NPS 4 CL1500 must be available as part a shared resource.

My Ball Valve is of type Ball Valve type DRT155X. This valve type is an OWL 2 class specified as a subclass of multiple RDL classes. Some of these classes will again have reference to versions of industry standards. Such digital specification of product specification will enable lifting product datasheet, in this case valve datasheet, information to machine interpretable structured data. Such structured data is suitable for use in all life cycle phases.

When standards are revised most of its content will typically remain the same, the reference data update rules will ensure that:

  • Reference data classes not affected by the new version is update of annotation property relation to the latest version of a standard.
  • Reference data classes no longer covered by the new version of the standard will be deprecated.
  • Reference data classes that represent additions in a new version of the standard are added.

Ball valve Inlet Outlet Ball Valve API 6D 2014 ASME B16.10 with RTJ Flange Face ASME B16.10 Straight Long Pattern Ball Valve CL1500 NPS 4 RTJ ASME B16.10 2020 ASME B16.10 2017 ASME B16.10 Long Pattern Ball Valve Straight ASME B16.5 RTJ Flange Face ASME NPS 4 CL1500 ASME B16.5 2017 ASME B16.5 2020 Ball Valve type DRT155X ISO 5211 F05 Actuator Mounting Flange Face ISO 5211 2017 Valve Body and Material Data Sheet D2132 Material Data Sheet D2132 ASTM A 182 F44 and ASTM G48 Method A Valve Body API 6D Ball Valve Split Body – Bolted 3 Part Ball Valve Trunnion Mounted Double piston closure seat ASTM A 182 F44 Bare Stem Valve Ball Valve API 6D Feature My Ball Valve ASME B16.5 RTJ Flange Face NPS 4 CL1500 specifiedIn specifiedIn hasMount some specifiedIn hasPart some hasPart exactly 1 hasPart exactly 1 specifiedIn hasPart exactly 3 valveSeat only type hasEnd some specifiedIn specifiedIn