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Block Activity


Main process activities are represented on block diagrams as boxes with inlets and outlets. In a semantic representation of an asset these blocks are individuals with inputs and outputs that have connectedTo relations to inputs and outputs on other blocks. Within the process block there may be multiple activities. These relationships and relationships between activities and plant objects are exemplified in the modelling pattern “Block Activity”.

Model content

The blue Separation System has a defined as a system part of the functional breakdown structure and it is an OWL individual in the semantic asset model. All content of this “Block Activity” modelling pattern may be represented as one block with one inlet, Inlet 0, and two outlets, Outlet 0 and Outlet 1 on a block diagram. Each Inlet and Outlet is an instance of terminal-port and a named individual in the asset model.

Separation System performance is a result of activities performed by its hasPart member artefacts. The hasFunction and realizedIn object properties relations to the activities performed enable a predictable solution for managing functional properties. This relationship pattern is typical and will also support the distinction between activities in process simulations and product function and type specification.

The inlet of A-20HA001 Cooler is the inlet to the Separation System. Inlet 0 will typically be further specified as a nozzle with a size and rating in detail design, the Inlet 0 unique ID should be preserved through all life cycle phases.

A-20PA001A/B Pump performs the A-20PA001A/B Pumping activity This pumping function is performed by either A-20PA001A Pump or A-20PA001B Pump (2x100%)

Inlet 0Outlet 1Outlet 0Separation SystemActivityProcess Step System A-20HA001 Cooling Activity Functional Object Cooling A-20VG001 Separation Separating A-20PA001A/B Pumping function Separation System function A-20HA001 Cooler A-20PA001A/B Pump Artefact Physical Object function Pump A-20PA001A Pump A-20PA001B Pump Pumping My Product Specified Cooling type hasActivityPart type hasActivityPart type hasActivityPart realizedIn hasPart hasPart hasPart type hasFunction realizedIn hasPart hasFunction hasPart hasPart hasFunction realizedIn type hasPart hasPart type realizedIn only