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Artefact, function, and activity

The following diagram was referenced in the 2022-02-18 workshop.


Physical objects with an intended function perform process activities. It is necessary to clearly distinguish a process stream from the unit operation activity data and again from a functional physical object. Data related streams, activities and physical objects are applicable for both plant design and operation. This modelling pattern describes how these relationships are managed in an ISO 15926-14 semantic asset model.

Model content

The blue heater at a, compressor at b and pipe c are functional location tags and part of Plant System. Stream parts and relationships shown in the lower part of the diagram visualise the heater at a, compressor at b and pipe c process fluids. Process activities compression at b and transportation at c are OWL individuals with a functional relationship to the individuals compressor at b and pipe c.

A partOf object property relationship is used between Plant Process and the activities compression at b and transportation at c.

in and out are asset individuals, of type Terminal-Port. The interface object b-c connection is located between in and out. Interface objects are individuals that will be further specialised to their type of interface. An interface can also be classified as a specification break or system break.

Unit Operation heater at a compressor at b pipe at c Compressor Compression Heater compression at b Process Step (part of Process) PressureRateChange Pumping EnthalpyChange Activity transportation at c Pipe Segment Transporting Plant Process Plant System in out b-c connection PhysicalObject type has function/realized in only type has function/realized in type type next step type type type has part has part has part has part has part stream part stream part b stream part c