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Area, Rooms, Wall


Unambiguous area specification is required in a digital version of an asset model. The environment at a location regulates parts of the product specification for a product to be used at that location. “Area, Rooms, Wall” describes the semantic representation of such relationships. When both areas and product types are classified, machine executable reasoner-based design rules may be utilised to determine compliance.

Model content

Representation of area types and area restrictions and barrier types from standards such as NORSOK S-001, Technical safety, and NORSOK S-002, Working environment. The blue M003 Collaboration Room and M013 HVAC Plant Room both are examples of such classified areas. A specified plant area becomes an individual in the asset model. The plant topology is described using object property relations between areas, boundaries and objects that residesIn areas. NORSOK S-002 Office/Meeting Room is a semantic representation of the document content. The same applies for the other yellow classes.

The blue B-79JBZ0109 in an example of a junction box located in the M013 HVAC Plant Room. See modelling pattern Junction Box Product Type.

M003 Collaboration RoomNORSOK S-002 Area NORSOK S-002 Office/Meeting Room Room with Lighting min. 500 lux Room with Temperature 19–26 degC Room with Specified Environment Room with specified Lighting Room with specified Temperature M013 HVAC Plant Room Room with Specified Purpose NORSOK S-002 Unmanned Engine Room Room Area Room with Lighting min. 200 lux Room with Temperature 5–35 degC W011 Wall Wall Sound Proofing Wall Artefact Site Object Physical Object NORSOK S-001 Zone 2 NORSOK S-001 Zone B-79JBZ0109 type physically separated from type boundedBy boundedBy type type residesIn