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By adding RDL links to technical terms in a Word document, we reduce ambiguity: any reader can easily follow the links to find explanatory definitions. The screenshots and walkthrough below uses Microsoft Word 2016.

Question. Why link to the PLM RDL, and not to general sources like Wikipedia?

Answer. Because the PLM RDL is made specifically to cover process industry vocabulary – and because the exact same vocabulary is used in asset models.

Example. Units on a product sheet

Here is a table from a product data sheet, from a Word document. The table uses units of measure that we wish to link to the RDL: bar, mbar, inH2O, and psia.

The result should be like the following table, where the units of measure are all hyperlinked.

Pressure range

CodeModel variant AModel variant BModel variant C
1–25 to 25 inH2O–25 to 25 inH2O0 to 30 psia
(–62.16 to 62.16 mbar)(–62.16 to 62.16 mbar)(0 to 2.06 bar)
22 –250 to 250 inH2O–250 to 250 inH2O0 to 150 psia
(–621.60 to 621.60 mbar)(–621.60 to 621.60 mbar)(0 to 10.34 bar)

Find the RDL references

We first need to find the identifiers (URLs) for the units we need by look-up in the RDL. For units, go to the Scale RDL class, which has units of measure as members. Search on the page, navigate to the unit pages, and copy URIs for the units. This the selection we need:

Follow these steps:

  • Mark a word to be linked – we’ll select “inH2O”.
  • Right-click the word and select the Link entry in the context menu.

The word “inH2O” now links directly to the RDL linked-data page of the unit.

2 Insert a linked table from Excel

Consult the Excel section for a walkthrough on how to embed a “live” query from the RDL into an Excel spreadsheet. Use copy & paste to embed the table into a Word document. To retrieve updates later, right-click the table and select Update Link.

To ensure your table can be kept in sync with the linked Excel table (and therefore with any RDL updates), select Link & Use Destination Styles when you paste the table into Word.